Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fiona Stanley Hospital Tower (Untitled)

The Fiona Stanley Hospital Tower was installed yesterday (19 July 2011).
15 metre painted tower fabricated from mild steel including a 2 metre stainless steel tip.

It is designed to act as a distinct way finding device for the campus.  Also important will be its symbolic and inspirational function.

It has been developed from a series of drawings which explore the idea of a column as an expression of the connection between the sky and the earth.
The ideas have evolved through drawings and the folding and unfolding of strips of paper. They have then been further extended through 3D digital rendering.

The folding and unfolding could be seen as a metaphor for contemplation and the possibility for transcendence and ascension.

Where the column touches the earth all possibilities and directions are open for exploration. Spiral and step forms are also evident in the structure.

Towers and columns have typically had a place in academic and learning institutions as an emblem for their ideals.

l-r: Ben Jones, Buffy Jones, Angela McHarrie, Tony Jones

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sculpture by the Sea 2011

new works by Tony Jones
SXS Longreach, Cottesloe Beach 2011

Sculpture by the Sea is running for its sixth year from March 3 - 22, 2011.
More than 70 works.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Trajectory at ECU

This work was first commissioned in 2007, so it is very good to see it installed at ECU.  The final installation took place on 9 February 2011.  The piece is entitled "Trajectory".  A book transforms into a paper plane.

Chiller Building Sculpture, Murdoch University

Some photos from the installation (Feb 2011) of our new sculpture at Murdoch University.  The official title of the work is "Rounding the Weather Mark" ... and the Chiller Building houses the air conditioning plant.

freshly painted and ready to be installed

good sense of scale as the cherry picker moves in

just a few minor finishing touches to go