Sunday, November 24, 2013


Float, originally uploaded by tonyjonesart.
“Float” A sculpture for the Esplanade Hotel Atrium This art work evolved from a series of drawings exploring shapes from land and sea scapes.There is a rhythm and flow in the way the basic shapes relate to each other. They are designed to overlap and interrelate.The movement is at times imperceptible but seemingly constant. They move subject to the ambient air flow and reward viewing from different levels and locations within the atrium space.The internal ellipses open and close and offer alternative changing dimensions to the forms.The colours were chosen to give life to the space and to add to the animation of the installation.The forms occupy the vast atrium space giving them scope to float and hover in the void.They move in ways we may imagine swimmers underwater, figures in space, clouds and fish in aquaria.It is a work that invites contemplation.

The materials used are aluminium sheet and machined aluminium fittings, toggles and bearings.There are 10 “drops“ 60 elements in total. They are painted with automotive acrylic. An installation by Tony Jones Art Projects Team Tony Jones Liz Cartell Matt Dickmann Ben Jones November 2013

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  1. Where is this place? Please mention the address and directions to here. I would love to visit and check out this place with my friends!