About Art Projects

I am a West Australian artist working predominantly as a sculptor working across a wide range of mediums and ideas from my studio/factory in O’Connor, an industrial suburb of Fremantle.
The studio in O'Connor is home to a small team of artists with versatile skills predominately in sculpture.
The studio is open for commissions and studio/gallery sales 

My artistic vision encompasses and combines cultural and political issues, local history, maritime and aeronautical imagery as well as themes from the personal and the imagined.

My sculpture as been based on an expression of personal and public concerns, anxieties, hopes and aspirations, drawing on common symbols and myths as a way of making contemporary connections.  It has been a search for forms and narratives, gestures and contexts, that transcend any one incident or time.  This is often done without resort to the language of abstraction.

To establish symbolic order is difficult and the forms and language used are always part of a larger search.

My work is featured in many collections both private and public as well as commissioned pieces across the state of Western Australia and was showcased in the 1994 retrospective exhibition “Tony Jones: Artist & Teacher” at the University of Western Australia (curated by David Bromfield) for which an extensive catalogue was published.